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The small start-up company UGears opened its doors in 2014 and since then has made the idea of ​​wooden mechanical models a reality. Some models are developed prototypes, others are the unique versions of historical mechanisms. The company has its own workshop in a suburb of Kiev (Ukraine). About fifty different models are now available and more are under development.

We at UGears NL are the certified main distributor of UGears for the Netherlands and Belgium and we work closely with the developers in Ukraine. We help them to make their fantastic products available in the Netherlands and Belgium. For example, we are always one of the first to have the latest models fresh from the press.

All models are made of high-quality, environmentally friendly plywood. The parts are easy to press out of their boards. No glue or special tools are required to assemble the models. Thanks to our precise working method, all workpieces can be converted into a finished model with ease. The specific way of connecting parts together has been devised, developed and laid down in a patent.

Each model is not only a construction but a reflection of the ideas that were developed during its development. When you put it together piece by piece, you reveal the essence of this idea. You relive the origin of the idea. There is something eternally fascinating about the interplay of gears. Interesting mechanical design always amazes how it works. In designing each model, we hoped that it could not only become a toy but a piece of design for your home. Our mission is to create unforgettable moments. With teamwork, our models are the pleasure for all ages. We want to bring parents and their children together.

With the creation of UGEARS mechanical models on the crowdfunding page Kickstarter, two Ukrainians have decided to update our sense of real, everyday mechanics. Their mechanical modeling lets you touch every gear and you feel an energy that does not come from a power wire for the change. Working with mechanics brings back forgotten knowledge and skill. It's almost like taking a bite out of your childhood favorite cake - you'll recognize the excitement when the model, built with your own hands, starts to move.

In general, it takes about two hours to assemble the Traktor and about four hours for the tram. If we sold the models already assembled, we would rob our customers of the fantastic feeling of creation. During the process of construction, there is the important moment of the “birth” - when the model shows the first signs of life. This is extremely exciting.

No glue is needed when building the Ugears mechanical models. This makes the whole process more convenient and fun, but also gives the opportunity to take the model apart and rebuild or replace parts. To make this possible, we had to invent many tricks. Meanwhile, these solutions make it possible to build a three-dimensional mechanical model from a set of flat parts.
Thanks to the special nature of our models, we are quite limited in the form and connection methods we can use. We grapple with the problem of developing seemingly simple parts that would have been very simple indeed made of metal or plastic. For us it is a very breaking process every time to the end. The models have simple gears as well as shifters, ratchets, cranks, flail wheels, levers, transfer belts, Geneva drives, wooden bearings and pnematic systems. Sometimes it takes months to try and improve and let us shout: "Eureka!" It is not out of place to state (with pride) that one of our glueless ways of joining wooden parts has resulted in an international patent.

The design of a new model takes between two and six months. The “rough” model can be produced quickly, but the many improvements and the final details take a long time. In order to develop a perfectly matched set of parts, the laser with which we cut pieces from high-quality plywood must not deviate more than +/- 0.1mm. This limit also applies to the natural material we use. The wood not only looks beautiful but is also environmentally friendly. The glue between the layers of plywood consists of casein, a by-product from the dairy industry. As a result, we avoid solvent-based artificial glue. The first thing you notice when opening the UGears box is the pleasant scent of wood. But for us, the producer, this is an extra challenge. The material is not smooth and even like plastic, but it contains natural imperfections. Our quality control keeps track of every step of the production. Our models will give you many years of enjoyment and can then be recycled without damaging the environment.