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Number of parts: 92
€ 19,95
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Number of parts: 120
€ 19,95
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Number of parts: 157
€ 19,95
Toerenteller houten bouwpakket voor zelfassemblage en dan spelling
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maths, tienershobby, creativiteit, stem, AR augmented reality toys
Number of parts: 133
€ 19,95
Rekenkit, Mechanical Addiator, mechanische vermenigvuldiger
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Mobile app, stem lab, stem, science, engineering, technology, maths
Number of parts: 117
€ 19,95
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Number of parts: 104
€ 19,95
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Number of parts: 160
€ 19,95
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Number of parts: 163
€ 19,95
Curvimeter stem lab, ugears, ugear, ugears modellen, ugears mechanische modellen
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ugears amazon, versnellingen tekeningen, ugears winkel, ugears kits, ugears houten, versnellingen pack
Number of parts: 109
€ 19,95

UGears STEM Lab Collection with mobile app. This collection has been developed for educational purposes. Three easy steps: build, scan with an app, learn from mobile workbook. Augmented reality will show you how your model i s used in real life. Great for builders from 8 years old.

*Science Technology Engineering Maths.