Photo puzzle Mozabrick L (76x76cm)

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Number of parts: 14500
Time of assembly: 27 h
Model Size: 76 cm x 76 cm
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Mozabrick is a photo construction set.
Turn your photos into endless pieces of pixel art. Why endless? It allows you to recreate new pixel art whenever you want.
Each set has five brick colours that are used to assemble the picture and each colour is marked by a unique symbol. The set includes: bricks, base plates, base plate connectors, mounting tool and double-sided tape for wall mounting. 
To get the photo assemble instruction visit or scan QR from the manual. You can combine 2 or 4 small sets and 2 or 4 large sets to assemble an even larger picture. Upload a picture and select preferred assembly set up from the given options. Then, you can receive the assembly instruction to your email or start assembling online. 
Each color is marked by a unique symbol matching the sticker on the pack. You can double-tap to mark where you’ve stopped. Your progress is tracked in the real-time, so you can use several gadgets simultaneously.
If you have put the brick in a wrong place, you can easily uninstall it by using a mounting tool. Connect all base plates and enjoy your finished pixel art.  


1. Buy a building set
2. Go to enter a 4 digit code, upload and adjust your image, receive the mounting plan to your email address
3. Start puzzling! It's fun for the whole family or with friends!
4. Upload a new photo with the same code for free to take another photo again. Endless puzzles!

Number of parts
Time of assembly
27 h
Model Size
76 cm x 76 cm
Onze kinderen hebben echt genoten van het proces. Ze hielden een wedstrijd om sneller te eindigen.
Gebruik geen ducttape voor model L. De mijne viel na enige tijd naar beneden. Ongeveer 50 stenen vielen eruit, maar waren te repareren. Moet nu wat gaten boren om het op te hangen
vele uren en het is af. ik vind het leuk.
Vrijdagavond besteld en de volgende dag in huis. Bedankt voor de service.
Drie avonden was het stil in huis. Kinderen waren bezig met mozabrick. Speciale dank daarvoor. :D
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