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Number of parts: 305
Time of assembly: 6 h
Model Size: 210*210*260 mm
€ 54,95
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Round and round and back to where it's all begun… Take a trip to your childhood memories with Ugears beautiful nostalgic model, the Carousel. As for the technical aspects, the Ugears Carousel is based on the same principle as most Ugears self-propelled models: all parts of the puzzle are joined without glue or additional tools and the motion energy is provided by a rubber band motor. 

It is great fun to observe the model in motion, but if you are one of those people who like to see with their hands, you can rotate the Carousel manually. This will allow you to examine every detail in slow motion and give you a full comprehension of how the mechanism works.

Made of sustainable high grade wooden materials, Ugears Carousel is a perfect gift for someone who wants to turn away from daily stress and for a few hours feel the carefree magic of the fair. Put it together, wind it up and we guarantee you will hear that music, feel the buzzing atmosphere of the holiday fair and remember how much joy it was to ride your favourite horse on its happy round and round trip!

Number of parts
Time of assembly
6 h
Model Size
210*210*260 mm
Package Size
378*170*42 mm
Super mooi model, de mooiste van mijn collectie. Heel leuk om te bouwen vanwege de vele bewegende onderdelen. Wel een uitdaging om alles goed te laten werken en het is belangrijk om alles meerdere keren te controleren. Gelukkig is de uitleg duidelijk en staan ook de controle stappen goed aangegeven. Kleine tip: bij twijfel altijd insmeren met de wax.
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