Engine Clock

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Number of parts: 265
Time of assembly: 5 h
Model Size: 14.2*30*12 cm
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What do they say about a finely-tuned motor—it runs like clockwork? Flip the script with the Ugears Engine Clock, a finely-tuned clock that runs (and looks) like a motor! This functional mechanical table clock with pendulum has an automotive theme throughout, with an engine block design on top with moving pistons, and time display in the style of a speedometer (hours) and tachometer (minutes). The action of the clock's pendulum and escapement make a delightful ticking sound, as the passing seconds are displayed on the escapement at the rear of the clock. The Engine Clock tells time for up to 5 hours on a single winding (running time can be extended an additional 60 to 90 minutes if the pistons are disengaged). A retrograde mechanism on the minute hand automatically resets after 60 minutes.

Wind your Engine Clock using the ignition key at the front of the clock. To set the time, turn the large gear closest to the face of the clock (the retrograde mechanism) in a clockwise direction until the minute hand falls to zero, then use your finger to move the hour hand counterclockwise, positioning it at the current hour. Set the minute hand at the current time by again turning the large gear just behind the clockface. If the clock is running fast or slow you can make adjustments to the pendulum. Raise or lower the circular weight at the bottom of the pendulum for larger time adjustments, and raise or lower the ball at the top the pendulum for fine-tuning.

The DIY wooden Engine Clock is the latest addition to the Ugears collection of working clocks, including the Aero Clock wall clock with pendulum, and the Sky Watcher Tourbillon Table Clock. While those models are both "Advanced" level, with the Engine Clock we strove to design a functional clock at the "Medium" difficulty level, so that more hobbyists could experience the satisfaction of building their own functional DIY 3D model clock. 

Number of parts
Time of assembly
5 h
Model Size
14.2*30*12 cm
Package Size
37.3*17*5 cm
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