Ocean Beauty Yacht

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Number of parts: 95
Time of assembly: 1 h
Model Size: 31.1*19*11.5 cm
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Catch the wind, feel the salt breeze, take to the seas or go island hopping in the stunning Ocean Beauty Yacht by Ugears. This DIY wooden model sailing vessel is a beautiful static model, with two gleaming white paper sails, and comes with its own sturdy stand for display on your shelf, mantle or desk. The model is somewhat different from other Ugears mechanical models in that the Yacht doesn't have gears and isn't propelled by a spring or rubber band motor—it's rather meant as a handsome display piece for your home or office decor.

This 3D puzzle wooden yacht model features a large cockpit with twin wheels that spin (it's Ugears so we have to have some moving parts!) and an open transom, for draining seawater when you get pooped by the stern wave or a following sea, or take a big wave on the nose that washes over the deck. The open transom is also good for swimming off the back, or getting in and out of the model dinghy, towed behind the yacht on a string (included). The dinghy features miniature oar locks and oars, and can seat a figurine of your choosing (not included). There's also a surfboard that can be towed for fun or in case you find a great break near the shore.

The decorative Ocean Beauty Yacht comes with a sturdy display stand, which the vessel slides in and out of. To mount the yacht for secure display, just slide the boat forward so that the keel locks into the slot on the stand. Slide back to easily remove the model when you want to admire it up close!

Number of parts
Time of assembly
1 h
Model Size
31.1*19*11.5 cm
Package Size
24.8*9.2*1.4 cm
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