Three-wheeler UGR-S

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Number of parts: 457
Time of assembly: 8 h
Model Size: 26.2*9*14 cm
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The Three-wheeler UGR-S is the latest and coolest addition to the Ugears collection of motorcycles and automobiles. This stylish two-seater is a three-wheeled road and attention hog, with spring drive, front and rear suspension, a functional steering wheel that turns the front wheels left and right, and loads of great detail like moving pistons, big headlamps, custom exhaust pipes running along the side, a suitcase to place in the side-mounted luggage holder, and laser engraving. And that's not all—lift the two sides of the engine hood to see the gas tank and spring motor!

Is it a car or a bike, or something in between? Every jurisdiction has their own take on operator licensing for trike cars—we just know they're a lot of fun! Trike drivers will tell you their machines offer the best of both worlds–the thrill of a motorcycle, with the stability and handling of a car. Sometimes called "tadpoles" because of their fat-in-front design, trikes have low profiles and open cabs that let you feel connected to the road and surroundings when motoring. Then there's the attention you get from onlookers, and the camaraderie of group rides and rallies within the subculture of fellow trike owners. 

The Ugears Three-wheeler UGR-S can go about 4 meters in a straight line, or turn the wheels using the steering wheel or by hand for graceful turns. The powertrain on the Three-wheeler UGR-S includes the spring motor and a unique chain drive to the rear wheel—a first in the Ugears catalogue. For that added "wow" factor Ugears is known for, there are two moving pistons on the decorative front engine. This DIY wooden trike model has a removable winding key that can be stored in either of the luggage compartments on the side of the model. Place the gear shifter in "Park" mode, insert the key into the hood, give up to 15 turns, then start the trike by switching the gear shift to "Drive" mode. Watch those beautiful pistons and chain drive in action as the trike drives off in the desired direction. The Three-wheeler UGR-S is engineered to let you push it along by hand, without engaging the spring motor.

Number of parts
Time of assembly
8 h
Model Size
26.2*9*14 cm
Package Size
37.3*17*3.5 cm
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