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As it very often occurs in a large-scale board game that involves a lot of cards, the available space on the gaming table becomes a real problem. In addition, due to the lack of room, the cards mix up ruining the course of game and making the players return to sorting them over and over again. The Card Holder, a smart wooden box, is designed to eliminate these annoying inconveniences.

This device allows you to sufficiently improve the game by handling your cards while saving space on the gaming table. The space savings is so efficient that you can easily enjoy you game sitting at a table smaller than your regular one - with the same number of players. If you’re out of time and the game is only half-way through, take a picture of your battle field and continue the game later from that point.

The attractive wooden exterior of the Card Holder hides a smart extending mechanism that turns the box into ergonomic staircase shelves that allow you to conveniently pick a card from any stack in your Card Holder. Your new clever device has 12 compartments with spacers that accommodate up to 400 63.5х88 mm (2.48” x 3.46”) cards. The compartments are big enough to hold the cards in sleeves.

In the extended mode the Card Holder enables four extra slots for up to 100 cards of 45х68 mm (1.77” x 2.68”) size.

In between games, your Card Holder will serve as a convenient and reliable storage unit: place your cards securely inside the device, lock with a self-contained latch. It is now ready to travel in your backpack. The Card Holder from Ugears will clear your table to ensure the most efficient arrangement of game elements and maximum comfort to the players.

Number of parts
Time of assembly
3 h
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