QBrix Poster set (40x40cm)

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Quantity of bricks: 3500
The finished size: 40х40 cm
Assembly time: 6-7 uur
€ 39,95
€ 49,95
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The QBRIX is a unique photo constructor that allows you to compose an image in pixel art format from any photo an infinite number of times.

QBRIX constructors are perfect as gifts, but it is also an option to spend time with family and friends.

The process is exciting; it is especially interesting and fun to put together QBRIX with the family.


1. Buy a building set (ORIGINAL, SOLAR or POSTER)

2. Go to https://qbrix.me/en, enter a 9 digit code, upload and adjust your image, receive the mounting plan at your email address

3. Start puzzling! It's fun for the whole family or with friends!

4. Upload a new photo with the same code for free to take another photo again. Endless puzzles!

One of the features of the QBRIX constructor is that you can rebuild your set an infinite number of times without paying extra.

A photo of the QBRIX constructor will look very chic and original in any interior.

Quantity of bricks
The finished size
40х40 cm
Assembly time
6-7 uur
Package Size
44,5х44х3 mm
Package weight
1380 g
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