Serenity's Dream

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Number of parts: 365
Time of assembly: 9 h
Model Size: 373х170х50
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Sailors know the peaceful feeling of ocean sailing under a clear sky, a steady breeze filling the close-hauled white sails, as you skim the waves through a series of skillful tacks. It's that feeling of being one with nature and the elements, expertly beating to windward, feeling the boat pick up speed with the right sail trim. Invite a few friends along, maybe break out some wine and cheese in the evening—that's the dream, and you can live it with Serenity's Dream, the clever new mechanical yacht from Ugears.

Serenity's Dream joins the Ocean Beauty Yacht and the Trimaran Merihobus in Ugears' fleet of DIY model sailing vessels, however, unlike those static models, Serenity's Dream is a spring-powered wind-up craft able to execute a series of tacking maneuvers for up to 4m across a flat surface. To operate, set the Start/Stop switch, located on the roof of the cabin, to the "Stop" position. Remove the winding key from the foredeck, insert it into the ratchet mechanism located on the starboard hull and give several twists. Replace the winding key in the deck, place the boat on a flat surface, flip the Start/Stop switch to the "Start" position, and watch as your yacht sails off, executing a set of graceful, zig-zagging tacking maneuvers.

Serenity's Dream tacking sailboat is a great gift for anyone who loves sailing, model building, or clever mechanics. Bring calm to your inner seas as you build this maritime model, then enjoy that peaceful feeling again as you imagine a beautiful day on the water, sailing your scaled model yacht into the sunset.

Number of parts
Time of assembly
9 h
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