Détaillants UGears

Dear potential partners,

Craft Club and UGears have an interesting and mutually beneficial proposal for you.
You are welcome to visit our Business-to Business wholesale platform and discover our particularly interesting sales conditions. www.ugears.nl

Craft Club offers various B2B cooperation plans:

- Wholesale

Our discount system is flexible, allowing advantageous sales of Ugears to local retailers. Our business philosophy is to cooperate with every member of the sales chain for mutual benefit.

- Retail

Stores are welcome to join nearly 50 other stores across the Netherlands. Our conditions and sales support are excellent. We provide you with free samples, exhibition articles and brochures as well as anything else you need for a successful sale.

- Online sellers

Of course we also warmly welcome to online shops for a loyal cooperation. We have various ready-made packages with extensive photo and video collections of Ugears products, which can easily be integrated into a web store. Do you want to take advantage of the e-commerce innovations to promote Ugears products - our team of marketing experts is here for you.

And more...

In our approach, we strive for efficient cooperation, that is why we also help you with the preparations for a fair / market, a workshop or a pop-up store. We can provide you with promotional materials, exhibition models, etc.

Contact us for more information:
Please send emails to info@craftclub.nl or call us (+31) 0 850-656285